施設名 特徴
Narakoko No SatoThe key words are "if you are looking for 'forest bathing', 'food of the mountains', 'tree culture', 'forest/riverside hot water', here it is!" Pottery, sea fishing and others?can be experienced. Open the Forest Science Museum on Sundays, the Golden Week Vacation and summer vacation. There is a mini library with books on insects, fish and plants. In addition to hot springs 100% natural, morning markets can also be enjoyed.
Kaori-no-Oka ChapiaIt’s a teahouse entertainment facility located on the hill of tea fields. During the season when the first leaves of the year is harvested, you can pick up tea buds and take them home. You can take pictures in the costume of tea-picking ladies, which makes this activity even more popular. If you are the group of more than 10 people, you can also try rolling tea with your hands, which is known as a traditional technique of making tea. In the tea room, you can not only enjoy tea but also learn tea manners and how to make tea. We have a famer's market dealing in local products as well.
Kiwi Fruits.Country JapanThis the largest touristic farm in Japan with 80 species of kiwi fruits. In the farm, you can see orchards, tea gardens, and paddy fields. In the ranch, you can interact with sheep, goats, mini pigs, chickens, and peacocks. We have 400 kinds of programs that let participants learn about nature through playing. There are famer's markets available.
Morimachi Experiene Village ActymoriThere are numerous experiences to get familiar with nature and traditional culture of Morimachi in the wide open space surrounded by mountains and clear streams. Not to mention and roof tile making to use the same technique as Enshu traditional roof tiles, vegetable dyeing to use familiar plants, traditional paper-making, you can also have outdoor activities such as canoeing or mountain biking and have experiences of forestry and agriculture industry while meeting local people. The meal and sale department is also popular for local specialties.
Oosuka Product Center SunSunFarmAt Aisai Market, we sell just-harvested fresh vegetables and fruits directly delivered from local farmers every morning, cut flowers, flowers, vegetables seedlings, or other processed products like pickled vegetables at reasonable price. You can enjoy strawberry picking from December to May every year. From the beginning of June to the middle of July, we sell sandy soil grown corns. Local noted products, exclusive specialties and souvenirs, etc. are gathered at the trading hall.
Blueberry no SatoNearby the Gomansa Pond, there is a blueberry field spreading out in the quiet valley. Dozens of early season, mid-season and slow ripening species are cultivated, and you can enjoy all-you-can-eat blueberry picking. The harvest experience starts from around the middle of June. Also, activities such as fishing, barbecue, making jam, tasting pastas or wine using blueberries in a 10 hectares large plantation throughout the year.
Toyooka Toretate Genki-muraAgricultural products made under the great care of local producers, processed goods, folk crafts and more are displayed. The vegetable market is proud of its product lineup, there are plenty of varieties in winter and fall, particularly shrimp-potatoes (shrimp shaped taro) and white leeks as main products at a low price. As for folk craft, there are bamboo-made Hirose kites or baskets, and sugarcane papers. Also, there are activities available such as soba-making, tasting shrimp-potato dish or fresh milk ice cream, and junmaishu liquor made from locally produced shuzo kotekimai(rice suitable for sake brewing) are also .
しばちゃんranch market掛川市にある「しばちゃんち」でおなじみの柴田牧場。しばちゃんランチマーケットは、山あいの河畔に佇む小さなランチ(牧場)カフェです。ジャージー牛のおいしいミルクを使ったスイーツや地元素材を使ったランチなどをご提供しています。オープンエアな空間でゆっくりとおくつろぎください。
コテージ・アクティ遠方からアクティ森へ出かけるのなら、隣接するコテージに泊まりゆっくり体験を楽しみませんか。調理器具や食器をそろえた2階建てのコンドミニアムタイプで、日帰りの休憩所としても利用できます。自炊は面倒と言う方には、併設の「手づくりそば ほっとり」で食事を用意してくれます。また、同店ではそば打ち体験も受け付けています。
Iwata city Ryuo Ocean Park Rest House Shiosai RyuoThis rest house is located next to an auto camping site and has some facilities such as radium hot spring, farmers' market of local products, restaurant, and barbecue site. Regarding hot spring, you can enjoy a large public bath, an open-air bath, a jacuzzi bath and also relax at the large hall after bathing. You can also see one of the largest wind power plants in the world or lighthouses nearby. A famer's market is available too.
Blueberry Farm Tokoen KaorinThe blueberry farm is located on the east slope of the woodland in Iwatahara. You can have a harvesting experience at leisure in the nature where you can see wild birds or insects. It will be a great benefit to be able to eat blueberries without time restriction. Blue berry jam is popular as a souvenir, Vegetable picking is available from December to March.
Akazukin-chan no Omoshiro FarmIn the 1983 square meters strawberry farm with a cute Little Red Riding Hood (Akazukin) picture attracting attention, strawberry picking is available from the middle of November to late in next May. There are each kinds of strawberries and many processed products like jam or candy displayed at the sales corner. the display is filled with melon, watermelon, or blueberry in summer and a variety of sweet potatoes in autumn. In addition, you can play with small animals such as dogs or rabbits and enjoy menus of fruits from the farm.
米屋白壁館地域の特産物のアンテナショップ、地域の特産物を販売しています。 地元農家からのとれたて野菜など盛りだくさんで、 季節によりめずらしい農産物が出品されます。店内には、囲炉裏を囲んでゆっくりとくつろげる空間「喫茶 いろり」が併設されています。
Nagura Melon Farm Fruits Cafe NiJIThe cultivation date is shifted in each greenhouse to make the year-round shipping possible, and it is possible to see various conditions of melon from young seedlings to melons near to harvest time in order.Therefore, there are many children who select this as a theme of their research project. At a cafe on the premises, you can enjoy a half cut of ripe melon, melon juice, or melon parfait, and there is also a famer's market
Toumon no Sato「稲面(とうも)」「田面(たおも)」に由来する「とうもんの里」は、南遠州中央の山と海の間に広がるエリアの歴史、伝統文化、自然、農業を展示物として保存するのが狙いです。年間を通し、農業や自然観察、歴史散策、食品加工などのさまざまな体験が用意されています。金曜・土曜・日曜には、とうもんの恵みを集めて「朝採り市」が開催されにぎわいます。
Create Seibu Kaze no Ie KoboEnjoy picking experience at the farm or handmade small articles. We cultivate almond, blueberry, chestnut, persimmon, Mandarin orange, etc., and vegetables including sweet potato and potato, etc. The lively event Kaze no Ie Ochabatake Festival will be held once a year on the second Saturday of April. There is also a famer's market called Minna no Mise.
Nogyo taiken famu yume mirai Midori jukuA school of healthy vegetables supporting life in the countryside on weekends. You can have the experience of cultivating vegetables. You can be a farmer today even if you have no experience in agriculture.