施設名 特徴
Chokubai no tonki・mitoresutoran tonkiHamanako-Sodachi, grown with personal compound fertilizer without any additive to pursue a pure taste of pork. They sell ham and sausage without additives and natural food products in addition to processed meat. There is also a restaurant where you can taste pork.
Shizuoka kenritsu Shinrinkoen bijitasenta badopia HamakitaYou can fully enjoy the charm of the forest watching the birds, woodwork, etc. A prefectural forest park where you can see more than 1,000 kinds of plants and more than 80 kinds of wild birds. There is an exhibition corner at "Bird-pier Hamakita" where you can enjoy learning about animals and plants in the park and you can check the nest, feather, and sound of wild birds there. You can enjoy doing woodwork as you want in the "Woodwork experience hall".
Manyo No Mori KouenManyoshu, the oldest collection of poems in Japan includes four poems related to Hamakita, where a lot of flowers, trees, and grass land are mentioned. Apart from more than 5,000 Manyo-plants of 300 kinds inside the park, there is also a museum and atelier for trials, and you can enjoy the Manyo-meal -reproduced meals from the Nara era and vegetable dyeing using Manyo-plants. Also, the Manyo festival is held every year in October, and performers in Manyo-clothes gracefully perform the "Winding stream party" the traditional way.
Tentengo ShibukawaApart from enjoying playing in the river, you can also experience bike trials, handcatching sweetfish, creating your own work at a handcraft room, shiitake mushroom hunting, and farming trial. There are also cottages.
Imagire taiken no sato kaikokanLocated on the west side of Imagireguchi, where Hamana-lake faces the Pacific Ocean, at Kaikokan, it is also possible to have trial classes related to the sea or fishing boat tours, to try an experience at a fishery, etc., and it is very popular among children and adults. Local products are also sold here.
Hamamatsu furawapakuMore than 3,000 kinds of plants such as cherry blossoms, roses, plums are cultivated in a large park of 300,000 ㎡. The "big water fountain show" where the water moves in synch with the music and the "flower train" that runs in the park are popular. In the firefly or cherry blossom season, it is also possible to enjoy it in the evening. There is an original souvenir department and flower shop, and also equipped with a cafeteria-style restaurant.
Kokumin shukusha okuhamanakoAn accomodation located in the Hamana-lake prefectural nature park. All the rooms facing south overlook the Hamana-lake and they are considered for the universal design. From the large view bath, you can see the cityscape of Okuhamanako and Hosoe as a miniature garden. On the access road of the Okuhana orange road, you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as white plums, wild cherry blossoms, azalea, and hydrangea. A banquet hall can be used for more than ten people with a complete menu at the restaurant. (Reservation is required)
OkuyamakougenWeeping plums, hydrangea and small animals such as fresh water crabs and newts can be seen. In February and March, about 300 Shoryu-weeping plums are in full bloom and they cannot be seen in other areas. You can see various kinds of plants such as hydrangea or bamboo lily at the beginning of summer, and golden lace or balloon flowers in the fall throughout the year.
Michi no eki shiomisakaShiomi-zaka, which was the most scenic point at Shirasuka-juku of The fifty-three stations of the Tokaido, became a roadside station. You can see Enshunada from the observation deck with a footbath. A farmer's store of local fresh vegetables, eels from Hamana-lake, seaweed and restaurants are available.
Maruwa NoenYou can experience harvesting grapes from August 5th. After harvesting and purchasing, you can taste them inside the farm. From October to April, types of citrus fruits are sold following its season. We have types such as "Satsuma mandarins" to rare ones, as the "Harehime" and "Haruka".
Shizuoka kenritsu koen morinoieThis is an acommodation and training facility surrounded by rich green nature. It can be used by companies, different kinds of groups or families. Dinner parties, memorial service, and meal gatherings are possible at the restaurant "Matsubokkuri".
Makiba no chokubaisho Tateiwa bokujoSoft serve is made using pausterized and fresh milk. A simple ice cream only with milk and sugar, a soft serve with a moderate sweetness so that it is possible to know its real taste. The shop owner, Mr. Tateiwa says: "We would like everyone to know about the cows. You can visit the cow shed if you wish.
Hamamatsu furutsupaku tokinosuThis is an agriculture park surrounded by great narute cultivating 4300 fruit trees of 160 kinds. You can experience fruits hunting and strawberry picking, and watch the temperate and tropical growing fruit trees very closely. Of course there is a restaurant, and a complete winery and wine!
LogHouse AkiraPlease have a relaxing time with firewood cooked rice or a Japanese wood bathtub!
ホテルリステル浜名湖浜名湖随一の眺めを誇る天然温泉リゾートホテル。絶景の朝日を望む露天風呂 名湯「美人の湯」と全室絶景のレイクビューが自慢です。
農家民宿 coco-Rin静岡県浜松市北区三ヶ日町で農家民宿、カフェ機能のあるコミュニティハウスづくりをしています。