施設名 特徴
JA Izu Taiyo Mandarin WineryA winery that produces mandarine wine made from local Satsuma mandarines. The factory can be visited at any time, and the preparation process is open to the public from November to February. Bottling is carried out twice a week throughout the year, and seeing freshly-brewed wine being bottled at once is quite a sight. Aloe, perilla and cherry liqueurs are also made and can be tasted after the tour. The store also sells products made from New Summer Orange.
Kazouno "Polay Polay "“Pole Pole”, which means slow and relaxing in Swahili, is located in a peaceful environment surrounded by mountains. You can experience tasting and making fresh soba noodles, bake pizza in a stone kiln and make steamed buns from home-grown wheat, and cooking rice in the oven. The cafeteria provides hand-made soba noodles and sells processed agricultural products. Barbecues can be also enjoyed at the facility.
東伊豆町 港の朝市 稲取漁港でその日に水揚げされた新鮮な金目鯛・伊勢エビ・あわびなどの魚介類や、香り豊かなフルーツ、旬の山菜や農産物を格安販売!採れたての美味しさに自信ありです。
Ichijotake no komuraYou can harvest bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, chestnuts and oranges in the middle of Minamiizu, surrounded by nature. A microbus will take you to the bamboo forest to harvest bamboo shoots. Hoes are lent for free. During the spring, bamboo shoot harvest season, you can also enjoy Kusamochi and bamboo shoots dishes. In October, square stem bamboo shoot season starts, and square stem bamboo shoots and freshly picked bamboo shoot cuisine can be enjoyed. There is also a hands-on classroom where baskets are made by weaving bamboo.
Ozawa Sato meeting ball hand boxPeople in the villages of the Amagi Mountains and the Osawa-sato area offer a variety of things to experience, including pickled wasabi, soba noodles, konjac making, honey squeezing, waterfall tours and basket making. Events are also held in the spring and fall when you can enjoy various experiences through great deals.
南伊豆町農林水産物直売所 湯の花南伊豆町にある道の駅「下賀茂温泉湯の花」内で直売所を運営。町内を中心とした生産者500名以上が毎日元気に出荷をしています。地元産の安心安全な農産物や特産物を販売し、地域活性化を目指しています。それから毎月様々なイベントを開催。オーナー制体験型農業の「MY田んぼ」も人気です。
NPO Corporation Izu Natural SchoolThis is a visitor center that informs about experience-based programs closely related to the community. Sea kayaking, snorkeling, geotours, trekking and hands-on workshops are also available. We will help you make the best memories by being in contact with beautiful and cute fish and nature in a beautiful sea.
株式会社 伊豆バス伊豆・松崎の観光をもっと便利に!個人・家族どなたでも伊豆バスをご利用頂けます。レンタサイクルやレンタカー、ジオガイドや田舎暮らし体験ツアーなど、バスだけじゃない観光サービスもございます。