施設名 特徴
Michi no eki ippukudokoroyokokawaIt is a roadside station near the Akiba Shrine where the delicious Tenryu Tea can be enjoyed. In addition to selling Tenryu Tea, shiitake mushrooms and handmade processed agricultural products, the cafeteria serves huge tuna sushi using fresh tuna directly from the Yaizu Port, soba, and udon. If you want to take a break, please relax at the Yamaai no Michi-no-Eki Ippukudokoro Yokogawa.
道の駅 天竜相津花桃の里「夢のかけ橋」近く、船名ダム湖に面した道の駅です。春には桜や花桃の花が楽しめます。地元のお母さんたちが腕を振るう花桃カレー、そば、小麦まんじゅうなどが味わえます。直売所では手作りこんにゃくや小麦まんじゅう、地場野菜なども販売中。
Michi no eki kun ma suisha no satoAt the restaurant, handmade soba noodles topped with locally-produced maitake mushroom tempura, handmade konjac with a tender texture among others can be enjoyed. Items such as handmade miso, skewered rice cake Gohei Mochi, pickled harihari (pickled dried daikon), shiitake mushrooms, Tenryu tea, cedar and cypress woodwork can be purchased at the product museum. There is also hand making experiences of konjac, Gohei Mochi or soba, and you can have your handmade soba in the shop.
Akiba Otokyanpu-baIt is a campsite on banks of the beautiful Ketagawa River. Swim in the river, ride a canoe or catch sweetfish. It can be enjoyed with family and friends.
五平餅 まるふくこんがり焼けたみその香がたまらない、手づくりの五平餅が味わえます。赤みそベースのタレの隠し味はショウガとゴマ。注文を受けてから1本ずつ木炭で焼き上げます。
Tenryu Yu-senThe Tenryu River can be enjoyed by renting a canoe, a rowboat or duck-shaped pedal boat. Surrounded by mountains full of green, to be soothed by floating calmly on the water. In Kawahara, barbecue at the pier and catching sweetfish can be enjoyed, so a day can be plenty enjoyed. Moreover, sightseeing houseboats around the Tenryu Funabira Dam Lake, the Tenryu River Boatyard at the Yume Bridge are rather popular.
塩の道 国盗り一見武家屋敷を思わせる木造平屋建の農林産物直売・食材供給施設。大きな水車が目印。水窪の味や技といった名産品を中心に、塩の道沿線の海産物や新鮮野菜、山野草などが並びます。地元の主婦による日替わり定食等お食事も充実してます。
Soba doraku Sugari anA store that uses a private house of the early Meiji era makes you feel doing a time travel! In addition to special soba noodles, sesame tofu and miso dengaku, experiences such as pottery and can be enjoyed, also there are tree houses and camping facilities.
Tenryu shizen taiken senta kohan no iePerfect for a lodging camp! Why don't you train your body and mind? Seasonal dishes are also available throughout the year. Recommended for lodging of clubs and circles or corporate training.Of course, general use is also possible. Instructors teach boating beginners.
Supuringufirudo autodoa kurabuThe activity base is a 120-year-old private house nestled along the Sugikawa River branch of the Ketagawa River. The kayak school, where lessons are taught according to the level, including an experience learning how to operate and get on and off, a course to learn skills by going down the river and a role play course teaching how to raise a small vessel sinking in the water. Outdoor cooking beginning with harvesting and building a fire, insect collecting, fishing, tea picking and others are going to be held.
Haru no yama no rakukoLocal residents play a central role in treasuring the connection of people with nature, such as open nature experiencing activities and living and working in the mountains. Strolling, eating experiences, thinning and woodworking experiences and others in nature can be tried. Accommodation is also provided.
Haru no kawaoto no SatoVarious experiences such as camping, barbecue, playing in the river, agricultural experience can be enjoyed all year round. Even people with no experience in camping can feel safe spending their time in a trailer house or camping car. Camping mood rises.
Doragon MamaThe activation facility “Dragon Mama,” located in Tatsuyama-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu City, produces and sells breads made with local tea, fruit jam, miso and pickles. Making jam, konjac and miso can be also experienced. Safe without any additives.
Tsubu kuishi motoWe provide creative dishes made with home-grown varieties and vegetables.It is a complete reservation system, so relax on a tatami mat of 100-year-old farmhouse. Cooking, making konjac, soba or noodles and others can be also experienced upon request.
遠州中央農協 天竜山の市天竜山の市は新鮮な野菜をはじめ、豊かな自然環境の中で対で津に育てられた茶、しいたけ、山菜や手づくりこんにゃくなどの農産物や農産加工品がたくさんあります。地元で生産された安心で安全な農産物・食品を提供し、生産者と消費者の顔が見え、話ができる身近な農産物直売所を今後も目指していきます。
GanbaramaikaSakuma npo no omise idobataEach business is conducted in an aim to develop a vibrant town. The NPO shop "Idobata" mainly sells various kinds and small quantity of side dishes, and the local handmade soba noodles made in Sakuma are also popular.
気田川 憩の家(けたがわ いこいのいえ)自然を愛するオーナーが季節感、旬にこだわり提供する新鮮な川魚やうなぎなどが味わえる和風レストラン。手づくりピザも人気です。
Ouchi no shokudo noka minshuku-kun ma yurakutei tabeyaFeel the gentle flow of time in an old private house over 250 years old.Dishes which main is freshly picked vegetables, and homemade fluffy chiffon cake. Walks around the fields, harvesting and milking goats can be also experienced.
Noka minshuku -kunma yurakutei asobiyaFeels like family home in the countryside and you can relax.It is a farmhouse to relax while enjoying agriculture, forestry and various handmade experiences in the natural habitat of bears.
Haruno no cha Kurisaki-enWe sell directly green tea (variety-based), black tea, and Benifuki tea (red-brown green tea) from Haruno. Learn how to pour tea and tips to pour even tastier. Also experience tasting of varieties of tea and making hand-rolled tea.
Noka minshuku hotsu muraThis is a condominium-style hotel where guests prepare their own meals. Entrust yourself to a wonderful and relaxing time, and imagining the universe in the starry sky is wonderful as well. Wild vegetable picking, farming, and traditional food making can be also experienced.